Legal Services

Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center & Children’s Advocacy Center (GSAC-CAC) is committed to providing free and confidential legal assistance to persons of all ages victimized by sexual assault. We also provide forensic medical services and psychological support to victims. GSAC-CAC will treat all with respect and dignity in a safe, caring environment.

If you are a victim of sexual assault and you are:

  • Concerned about your physical safety
  • Unsure whether or not to make a police report
  • Worried about your job or school
  • Anxious about your privacy and whether others will find out about the assault
  • Concerned about your immigration status
  • Confused about the difference between the criminal and civil justice system
Legal assistance may be available to you.  GSAC provides free civil legal services to victims of sexual assault and their families.  GSAC may also offer pro-bono services by local attorneys and referrals for civil legal needs not covered by our agency.

Services Available:

  • Are you concerned your medical information will be made public?
  • Are you worried about protecting your confidential records in a criminal case?
  • Do you feel safe?
  • Is the perpetrator someone you know?
  • Did you report to police?
  • Are you concerned the assault will affect your ability to remain the country or become a US Citizen?
  • Are you afraid you might be deported if you report the crime to police?
  • Is the assault affecting your job performance?
  • Did you have to take days off work?
  • Do you feel unsafe at work?
  • Is the perpetrator a co-worker?
  • Did the assault happen on campus?
  • Are you safe at school?
  • Are you having trouble at school?
  • Is the school holding a disciplinary hearing?
  • Are you being evicted or need to break a lease?
  • Did the assault happen by a neighbor or landlord?
  • Do you live in subsidized housing?
  • Are you safe at home?
  • Do you have unpaid medical or therapy bills as a result of the assault?
  • Are you eligible for Crime Victims Compensation?
Family Law:
  • Does the perpetrator still live in the marital home with you and your children?
  • Do you need to modify your visitation schedule and/or parenting plan?

GSAC is unable to provide legal representation in tort cases, child sexual abuse cases,
cases involving the child protection system, victim services employee cases and criminal defense of victims charged with crimes.

Call 770.497.9122.  Ask for Legal Advocacy

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