Georgia Licensed Registered Nurses/ Licensed Physician Assistants/ Physicians/ U.S. Military Medical Personnel

  • If your interested in GA SANE/SAE Adolescent/ Adult SANE Training or Pediatric SANE/ SAE Training please contact GSAC-CAC Monday – Friday at (770) 497-9122 
  • GSAC-CAC provides Georgia SANE/ SAE Trainings statewide for qualified applicants.

For educators, medical professionals, business leaders, and youth leaders, we can help with:

  • Consultation for schools, media, government agencies, publications and educational films.
  • Professional training for schools, medical and mental health professionals.
  • Community awareness and education
  • College campus presentations

Georgia SANE/SAFE Adolescent & Adult Training Program
August 2013 & November 2013
Location & Dates TBD

Please e-mail us at for additional information and to be placed on our email list!

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